Upcoming 2019 Spring repertoire

The excitement of the holiday season is here and now. Take a moment and see what your next musical Cantala project will entail. It's going to be a party and I'm uber excited...

That's What I'm Talking about

One can always add another reason to join Cantala. If you already sing in Cantala, then someday, by passion, perseverance, hard work and a little bit of luck, you may get the chance to sing again at Lincoln Centre in New York City, under the direction of one, Eric Whitacre, famous conductor and composer. Guest post by a passionate Cantala choral member.

Sight reading: Musical experience and confidence needed

Enthusiastic singers can be nervous about sight reading. Sight reading takes practice. Read here how to build these skills. 

Vibrato + Choral Sound: Friends or Foes?

The gold standard of remarkable choral sound is unified sound. No one would dispute that. However, how to achieve this goal is not unified among conductors. 

What is Breath support anyways?

Have you ever been told to “support” your voice?  The idea and description of “breath support” can be a confusing one. Read on to learn more.

Benefits to singing in choir

If you have ever come to a rehearsal feeling exhausted and grumpy you know that choir can change all that around....

7 Tips for Effective Practise

In Cantala practising the music at home between rehearsals in not only expected, but keeps you up with the pace of learning in the choir and increases your own musical enjoyment. So how does one rehearse on their own? Here are my tips for successfully learning the music at home. 

A Beautiful Musical Journey

My musical journey with Cantala began rather inauspiciously. With only two singing lessons under my belt, I arrived to a choir practice surrounded by trained and talented vocalists with university degrees in music.  

Choral inspiration: Talbot's Santiago

Here I find myself again at another ACCC choral conference, this time on the East Coast of Canada, front row, on the first concert night being dished out the most amazing choral dessert ever: Joby Talbot’s Path of Miracles: Santiago sung by Edmonton’s Pro Coro choir with Michael Zaugg conducting.