My musical journey with Cantala began rather inauspiciously. With only two singing lessons under my belt, I arrived to a choir practice surrounded by trained and talented vocalists with university degrees in music.  

Her musical journey; Like the opening of a flower....

Her musical journey; Like the opening of a flower....

Needless to say I felt I was out of my depth.

 But the sound of those voices was so thrilling I decided to try….and try I did.   Thanks to the caring and positive nurturing provided by our choral director Nancy Singla I became a full and long-standing  member of the choir. 

 Surrounded by strong voices and wonderful women, the weekly rehearsals were inspiring.  Nancy Singla selects diverse musical works from modern and traditional composers designed to challenge us and we work hard to learn the repertoire, master notes, blend our voices and create beautiful music. 

 Through my experience with the choir I have learned to appreciate many genres of music.  I have gained a love of choral music.  I have been supported by my fellow choir members.  Nancy Singla makes me feel like a valued member of the choir.   I have come to appreciate the concept of a choir in other life activities – valuing the voices of others and working together to create something beautiful. 

 The choir demands commitment, regular attendance, and practice between rehearsals, but it is a commitment that has been richly rewarded.