Just the mention of a required audition can increase anyone’s stress level. You want to sing, but now someone wants to put you through a “test” that you have no idea how to prepare for. Here are my top five ways to prep for a Cantala audition. 


1) Pick a song you love. For example, a folk song, ballad, a song from a Broadway musical or classical piece you may have learnt in another choir or previous music lessons you might have taken.

2) Learn the song well. Memorising it is impressive. It shows you are taking the audition seriously and your dedication to hard work.

3) Clearly prepare your thoughts on why you want to sing in the choir. Are you passionate about singing? Choirs? Wanting to meet other like-minded individuals?  

4) Make sure you have plenty of time before the audition to prepare mentally and relax. You might be nervous or coming from a long day at work. Coming to audition feeling rushed is stressful and makes it hard to sing your best.

5) If you have five minutes to warm up before you come you will boost your own confidence and know that you are putting your best foot forward vocally. 

(shhhh! Special secret now)......Hard work is what Cantala is looking for in any new member, no matter how extensive your musical background. Show that you work hard and are dedicated to the art of choral singing and you are well on your way to being the next member of the Cantala team.