It has been a few years since I first heard the women of the Vancouver Chamber Choir sing “Lu-Li-Lo-La”, the final piece in R. Murray Schafer’s work “The Enchanted Forest”  but it made a lasting impression on me. It was even more exciting to learn that it was from a group of pieces for women’s choir. I have been anticipating the day when I would be able to teach and perform this work with Cantala, and that time has now arrived. We are set to perform The Enchanted Forest at Cantala’s Spring concert on Saturday April 29th, 2017, 7pm at Forest Hill United Church, Toronto.

Written at his home in Indian River in 1993, The Enchanted Forest was first performed at the Winslow Farm in Millbrook, Ontario. The Enchanted Forest tell of a nighttime adventure of a brave group of children seeking a lost companion kidnapped by dark forces. Mystical beings and strange encounters abound. In a true performance of the work the audience is literally led by singing children through the forest and lakeside (outside!) to 12 separate performance locations however Cantala is presenting this work in a concert space with special guest soloist Brooke Dufton.

R. Murray Schafer is known throughout the world for his achievements as an educator, environmentalist, scholar, visual artist and composer. Along with being a legendary Canadian composer he is also an acclaimed author of many books, including The Tuning of the World and The Thinking Ear: On Music Education.

To round out the program we will also be singing two other pieces by Schafer, Snowforms and Gamelan, a Finnish arrangement of the Canadian Folk Song Land of the Silver Birch, a little known piece by Toronto composer James Rolfe, and Kathleen Allen’s arrangement of the Newfoundland folk song Early Spring. Come and enjoy a program packed with Canadian composer talent, new and old.

Tickets are available online, at the door and from choir members.