In 2005 I came to audition at the University of Toronto for choral conducting. I was staying with my cousin in Richmond Hill and at dinner he says to me “ Choral conducting…hmmm…So… you’re studying… coral reefs?”. This was just the beginning. But after doing some research into cartooning, the hilarious associations that choral conducting has is quite well known -and has been made funny by many cartoonists.


Dedicated to my cousin Joe, I guess I could have been studying coral after all.

Other times I have been asked if i’m studying electricity. I guess that comes from the “conducting” part.


And another time I was asked if I work with trains….I suppose that is because of the association of “conductor” with “train conductor”.


Ok. So I’ve been made fun of. But how about you guys singing in the choir? You haven’t been left unscathed. Check these ones out:


To their defence, they do often drone on on one note only. That can be very boring, but also very challenging to maintain the pitch. We love our altos. Being that you are the bottom of the chord almost each time, you are very important.

Soprano’s you don’t get away easily either!


…. this can be true-but not especially in Cantala….I really think it is funny how we are good material for cartoonists. Do we really do something that is so off the beaten track? I had no idea we contained so much “material”.


One of the best parts of creating Cantala was finding others who love choral singing as much as I! Love you all!