The way in which we prepare our bodies and breath to sing greatly influences the quality of the sound that is produced afterwards. Here are 7 steps to prepare the breath to sing.

Cantala standing tall to sing 

Cantala standing tall to sing 

1. Stand tall and feel a stretch at the back of your neck.

2. Tuck in your tail bone. Feel your knees soften, how naturally you will “sit” in your pelvic girdle and how your breath lowers.

3. Focus on lifting your sternum and your shoulders will relax.

4. Feet should be wide enough apart to be comfortable and balanced.

5. Hands comfortably hanging by your side. **note: Never crossed them in front as this closes the sternum and will collapse the ribs quicker on exhalation.

6. Take three silent, low breaths at your own tempo. Breathe in through your nose and feel the air cool pass over the roof of your mouth. Your jaw and tongue should be relaxed.

7. Breathe in on the shape of the vowel you’re about to sing ie. {ah}.  Feel the yawn (openness and feeling of height) created as you breathe in. You are ready to phonate!

Singers often falsely think that singing starts with the onset of sound. But it actually starts many seconds prior with the intake of the breath and the shaping of the vocal track. By preparing the breath we mean making sure the breath is slow, deep, and silent, the throat is open and the breath is taken in on the shape of the vowel that is to be sung. For instance, if the vowel is {ah} you breathe in on the vowel shape {ah}. Both {ah} and {oh} are very natural shapes to breathe in on. It becomes more advanced to breathe in on {ee} or {eh}, {oo} or {y}. This technical tip can make a world of difference because you are organizing the vocal track before the vocal apparatus vibrates.